I am pleased to announce NAAALEC’s Mentoring Program. This program will provide those in law enforcement aspiring to advance in their careers an opportunity for mentoring/coaching by some of NAAALEC’s high ranking law enforcement officials who have volunteered their time and are committed the success of your law enforcement careers.
NAAALEC President

Current and Past Events

NAPOA and NAAALEC hosted a reception for API Police Chiefs at the 119th Annual International Association Chiefs of Police Conference and Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition in San Diego, California, from September 29 - October 3, 2012. NAPOA.
IACP in San Diego

2013 NAPOA Conference

Once again NAAALEC will be co-sponsoring this year's annual NAPOA conference. The conference is being held from July 15th - 19th @ the Planet & Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas, NV.


The National Association of Asian American Law Enforcement Commanders (NAAALEC) is a national non-profit law enforcement leadership organization committed to fostering leadership, fraternal enrichment and advancement.

NAAALEC evolved from meetings of eight Asian American command-level law enforcement officers exploring and creating ways to enhance excellence in law enforcement. Although the eight recognized that many Asian law enforcement organizations existed, they knew they were among the only Asian American representatives in leadership roles that could capitalize and utilize their positions to encourage the recruitment, enrichment, and advancement of qualified Asian Americans in the field of law enforcement. Additionally, they also foresaw an organization in which the exchange of professional contacts and networking could be realized. In March, 1994 NAAALEC was formally created in San Jose, California.

Members of NAAALEC include Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, Special Agents in Charge and other executives in law enforcement who have attained a high level of success within their respective agencies through their hard work, perseverance and dedication. As a result these same members have become role models for aspiring officers of Asian descent.

Since the millennium, NAAALEC realized that it, too, must change with the times. The organization still holds command level members but has increased its ranks to include other supervisory levels that can leverage the experience, contacts and mentoring of its senior ranks.

Purpose and Mission


  • To promote a positive image of law enforcement, especially in the Asian/Pacific communities;
  • To encourage and assist organization members to attain positions of higher responsibilities;
  • To participate in various endeavors beneficial to law enforcement agencies and the communities in which its member serve;
  • To preserve and protect the rights and opportunities of Asians/Pacifics in their respective fields and departments;
  • To provide a vehicle for members to exchange professional and fraternal relationships;
  • To act as a spokesperson for Asian/Pacific American law enforcement commanders in matters of common interest.


  • To establish and maintain lines of communication between Asian/Pacific communities and the various enforcement agencies;
  • To promote the recruitment of Asian/Pacific Americans into law enforcement careers and to provide positive role models;
  • To actively participate in crime prevention and youth development programs I the Asian/Pacific communities;
  • To assist and provide scholarships for Asian/Pacific candidates who seek a career in law enforcement or related fields;
  • To assist and provide counsel in the career development of Asian/Pacific officers employed within the United States;
  • To develop camaraderie among members and law enforcement officer through training conferences and planned social events;
  • To provide awareness of procedures in accordance to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions policy, guidelines, and procedures.