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About Us


Purpose and Mission


  • To promote a positive image of law enforcement, especially in the Asian/Pacific communities;

  • To encourage and assist organization members to attain positions of higher responsibilities;

  • To participate in various endeavors beneficial to law enforcement agencies and the communities in which its member serve;

  • To preserve and protect the rights and opportunities of Asians/Pacifics in their respective fields and departments;

  • To provide a vehicle for members to exchange professional and fraternal relationships;

  • To act as a spokesperson for Asian/Pacific American law enforcement commanders in matters of common interest.


  • To establish and maintain lines of communication between Asian/Pacific communities and the various enforcement agencies;

  • To promote the recruitment of Asian/Pacific Americans into law enforcement careers and to provide positive role models;

  • To actively participate in crime prevention and youth development programs I the Asian/Pacific communities;

  • To assist and provide scholarships for Asian/Pacific candidates who seek a career in law enforcement or related fields;

  • To assist and provide counsel in the career development of Asian/Pacific officers employed within the United States;

  • To develop camaraderie among members and law enforcement officer through training conferences and planned social events;

  • To provide awareness of procedures in accordance to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions policy, guidelines, and procedures.

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