A Message From The President


In light of today's national civil unrest targeting law enforcement while challenging our national historical perspectives coupled with an international deadly virus known as Covid-19 causing a major economic shut down, our law enforcement community has been working harder than ever before to do the job they have been sworn to do.

As for the civil unrest, protecting life and property while restoring order is at the foundation of ALL law enforcement and doing so while being ridiculed is physically and mentally exhausting as well as a drain on morale. Only those with a solid moral character, a strong belief in righteousness and the fortitude to carry on in the face of confrontation could bear the burden of such a duty. Only law enforcement meet these requirements and that is what the majority in our communities appreciates and admires. Unwavering support for law enforcement is bigger than any march, protest or uprising can ever hope to be. As history has proven, we will come out of this environment stronger than ever. So, to all my colleagues in the law enforcement community, I salute you and the job you do each and every day. Beat the odds and stay safe out there! 


As for Covid-19, this is the invisible enemy whose target is the human race. Being the public servants that we are means exposure is part of the job. As with anything else that compromises our safety, maintaining personal health by utilizing all CDC recommended safety measures has become the new norm. Beat the odds and stay healthy out there!


I would like to express how pleased I am with NAAALEC’s Mentoring Program. As a faction of NAAALEC'S Management Track, this program has successfully provided career enhancement through mentoring/coaching by some of NAAALEC’s high ranking law enforcement officials (members) who have volunteered their time and are committed to the success of your law enforcement careers. I am not only inspired and impressed by these members, but I am sincerely grateful for their continued participation in this hugely successful program. My sincere thanks goes out to all those members who give and have given so freely to the success of this program.

At last year's NAPOA Annual National Training Symposium and Exposition which took place in Boston MA., several of our members presented a Management Track which was well attended and given great praise by those in attendance. NAAALEC is again committed to presenting this Management Track at the next National Training Symposium and Exposition taking place in Las Vegas in 2021. See the attached flyer, rescheduled from 2020 to 2021, same dates and location. I highly recommend attending this Management Track which reinforces a successful career moving forward. From one on one interactions with top leaders in law enforcement to mock interview exercises for those interested in honest feedback and promotional tips, this one is a must!

As a tenured active Leader in Law Enforcement myself, I know the importance of having a mentor. Sometimes, mentoring is for the ranking members of an organization who seek the best candidates for the position. So, as the saying goes, "Its not always who you know, it's always who knows you." Just make sure we/they know you for all the right reasons.

A list of mentors with their bio’s included will be available for NAAALEC members to select from and can be viewed in the members only page. Non-members interested in our mentoring program are welcome to join the NAAALEC membership team by completing the membership form which can be found under the Membership tab.

As we live and work in a diverse society, NAAALEC embraces our cultural differences and believes the importance of developing future AAPI leaders in the law enforcement community.


Be safe out there. The job you do is not easy.



Your NAAALEC President, 

Rudy Tai