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A Message From The President


This past year has been riddled with civil unrest, challenges to our profession nationwide, lawsuits, guilty verdicts against some of our own, struggles with the different strains of Covid-19, loss of family, friends and coworkers and vaccination dilemmas just to name a few. Through it all, I am proud of the stance this nation's law enforcement community took in spite of being ridiculed and demeaned by the very people they serve and continue to serve. As true professionals, law enforcement officers continued to show up and stand tall in the face of adversity. Commitment and loyalty of law enforcement are inherent traits that cannot be erased by adversity and that's what makes the profession so admirable by the majority. I commend my fellow comrades for their continued bravery and for executing such a fine stance when faced with the mounting challenges. You all make me proud to be a member of the finest profession known to mankind. I salute you.



On August 30 , 2021, the National Peace Officers' Association began their annual National Training Symposium at the Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. I am so honored to have been in company with the many professionals who came out in support of NAAALEC's goal to provide mentors and leaders to the Asian law enforcement community. The feedback was very positive and the attendees displayed heightened enthusiasm for the management and mentoring programs. The fact that law enforcement as a whole has been under attack was a non issue for those in attendance as their focus was to promote up through the ranks. No sign of deterrence whatsoever! I was again impressed by the resilience of law enforcement. 

The planning stages for the next training symposium are in the works. As soon as the location and dates are set, the flyer will be posted here. Houston Police Department is very interested in being part of the symposium and just might be the next host.

NAAALEC is always looking to grow and expand its membership to remain relevant and to maintain the solid reputation as a leader for law enforcement. If you or anyone you know who is a leader looking to impart their experiences and/or looking to grow their own career, please consider becoming a member of NAAALEC. The requirements and application can be found under the Membership tab of this website. 


I hope to see you at the next training symposium.

Your NAAALEC President, 

Rudy Tai

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